ModalAI (WIP) VOXL Tray - Need a cool name
ModalAI (WIP) VOXL Tray - Need a cool name
ModalAI (WIP) VOXL Tray - Need a cool name

VOXL Flight Deck - Mount and Fly Autonomously Assembled Obstacle Avoidance Kit

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The VOXL Flight Deck R1 is a fully assembled and flight ready drone development platform hosting a ModalAI VOXL drone and robotics companion computer paired with the ModalAI Flight Core PX4 flight controller.  It comes pre-configured with Tracking, Stereo and Hi-Res optical sensors, providing the easiest way to add US built GPS-Denied Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance to a vehicle (the only thing easier would be using our M500 Development Drone which is coming soon!).  The Flight Deck weighs in at only 91g as shown in the first image (with LTE modem, without the USB cable).

Drone not included

The VOXL-Flight Deck (datasheet) comes with:


Software Stack:

Optical Sensors:

  • 45° downward/forward facing Tracking VGA Global Shutter Sensor for indoor flight and GPS-denied navigation
  • Forward facing Stereo VGA Global Shutter Sensor pair for Obstacle Avoidance
  • Forward facing 4k High-resolution Sensor for 1080p30 or 4k30 video recording


  • Wi-Fi (can be configured as station or AP)
  • QTY2 USB 2.0 (for VOXL and Flight Core)
  • Shown in the images is an optional Cellular LTE modem and USB hub add-on with antennas (note: not included in base model)

Power Module:


  • Shown in the third image, the VOXL-Flight Deck is tailored made to easily mount to Holybro s500 v2 frame with four simple screws (note: this kit doesn't include an s500 v2 frame, but the ModalAI M500 does!)


  • Power Module to VOXL/Flight Core Y Cable
  • PWM Breakout board and cable ready to connect to ESCs (PWM and DSHOT support)
  • RC Input Cable (Spektrum)
  • USB-to-JST connector for wired connection to QGroundControl Ground Control Station

Industry Leading Support: